2012 BMW 550i Sedan Review

2012 BMW 550i Sedan Review

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2012 BMW 550i Sedan Review

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MSRP Price
Invoice Price
8 Cylinder Twin Turbo
Body Style
4 Door
15 mpg City/22 mpg Hwy
Red, Black, Silver, Burgunday, Blue, Yellow

Possessing a strong combination of performance, comfort and technology, the 2012 BMW 550i Sedan is a top choice in the midsize luxury sedan segment. This car is not only a well sound vehicle to be your every day driver but is great for a quick head turner.

This latest generation of the iconic 5 dials back on the filigree and borrows quite a bit of its underskin structure from the new 7 Series. Critics believe something has been lost as the car has grown larger and heavier, but this mission creep, moving up the size and luxury scale, seems inevitable as the 7 Series has also grown larger, more expensive and exclusive. Meanwhile at the other end of the scale, the 3 Series has expanded its performance envelope into territory previously occupied by earlier 5 Series models.

For fans of previous 5 models, the high cowl, multiple interfaces and luxurious appointments make the car feel as if it’s a 7 Series Lite. However, when you look at the nearly $60,000 base price of the 550i, the cabin is spot-on for the expectations one would have for a car in this price class.

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