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If you love BMW’s then get ready for a fresh new page in cyberspace that is dedicated to everything you could ever possibly want to know about the BMW brand of automobiles and motorcycles. This isn’t just another bland, pointless blog, or Web page. 

Welcome to, an exciting, innovative new Web site, that is scheduled to be launched August 1, 2010 by the   successful company Product Marketing Development LLC based out of Newport Beach, California. BMW Review ( promises to be more than just another ordinary Web page.

 What sets it apart from other car review sites is the vast amount of interaction among visitors. In what can best be described as an interactive cyberspace community, BMW Review is not just for hardcore BMW aficionados but actually    anyone interested in purchasing a BMW, either new or used. Any questions one can think of about BMWs will be answered on this page.  This site will feature not just reviews by long time BMW owners, but also mechanics, car buffs, experts, race car drivers,  employees, fans and others interested in this remarkable world wide brand of automobiles,  engines, high performance vehicles and even motorcycles.

Founded nearly a century ago(1916), Bavarian Motor Works has come to manufacture motorcycles, luxury cars,  sports utility vehicles, high performance and even racing cars that are recognized around the globe. The corporation is also the parent company of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, one of the most luxurious, and expensive vehicles in the world.  According to the BMW official report of annual sales figures, in 2009, the company produced 1,258,417 four-wheeled vehicles. 

BMW has actually seen a somewhat successful year, despite the growing economic global meltdown. In a report from the Economic Times ( International Business News Section, it was just announced in June, 2010 that BMW saw overall unit sales increase 10.8 percent last month from May, 2009 levels. The company also affirmed that BMW is still one of the world's leading premium automobile makers around the globe. 

BMW records show that the company sold a total 120,843 vehicles, of which 101,775 were BMW-brand cars, despite a decrease in sales Germany and the United States.  The company’s records also show that through May, deliveries of BMWs rose by 14.1 per cent to 466,087 vehicles, leaving it the top luxury brand automaker in a highly competitive, globalized international market.

Also announced in June, 2010, in Canadian, BMW announced this month that one million BMW X5 SUV models have been sold since being introduced just over a decade ago, in 1999. A customer in Asia actually purchased the one millionth X5, a special-edition metallic BMW X5 High Performance Luxury Sports Utility Vehicle, for an undisclosed price. The X 5 SUV was produced at BMW’s production plant. This North American BMW factory is located in Spartenburg, South Carolina, and has been there since 1994. There are 5,000 employees, and in the 16 years since the facility opened, BMW has paid  a sum of just over 4 and a half(4.6) million dollars in payroll for these workers. According to a recent University of South Carolina study, the BMW factory makes up 1 percent of the state’s total GDP and brings in millions of dollars in tax revenue to the state annually. The plant has produced over 1.6 million BMW vehicles since it first opened doors in 1994. 

Also of worthy note,  to keep current with environmental trends and concerns, BMW recently revealed its 2011 BMX Active Hybrid 7,   a mild hybrid/gas car that gets an estimated 17 miles per gallon in the city and 26 miles per gallon on the highway.  The car is also the world’s fastest mild Hybrid car, and can accelerate from 0 to 60 in less than 5 seconds.  

However, this is a car that many people night be able to afford. At the time of this article, the starting rate was just over 100 K, at $102,300. 

It's still a 7-Series, of course, which means it's big, fast, solid, and luxurious. Like any BMW, the handling is exemplary. And it's a big car that's pleasant to drive fast, easy to place precisely on narrow roads, and predictable in its cornering behavior.

However, being BMW’s first attempt at a mild hybrid system, there are some issues. There’s definitely some getting used to at lower speeds as the car’s computer tries to blend output from the electric motor and engine as well as switch over to regenerative mode.

At BMW Review, it is no wonder why the motto is Real People. Real Stories. This site is already filled with personal accounts and postings by just what the title says: real people, who really own BMWs. These are Real BMW reviews by those who know them the best, owners. Visitors will be able to post their own personal BMW reviews and post questions to authors of reviews; this site will also be a sure way to network, find dealer locations, read more BMW reviews from across the country, and access other online forums, articles and more. 

People will be able to post either stories about their personal experiences with BMWs, or personal reviews of various models of BMW vehicles or motorcycles.  Each series model of BMWs will have a separate section for reviews. The site will also offer a BMW review online forum, where anyone can post questions, observations, and links to news stories, personal BMW experiences or general stories about various BMW related topics. 

Featured models under the BMW stories section of the site include the BMW Series 1 and 3, and BMW Series 5 through 7. Also included are the popular BMW M Series and the BMW X3, X5 X6 and Z4 Series as well as BMW Concepts. 

The BMW Stories section on the BMW Review Web site offers personal anecdotes and accounts for readers as well as pictures featured BMW models. Readers can browse through the multitude of stories and reviews, and register with the site to write and post their own experiences with BMW as well. 

If you’re worried about this being a huge corporate controlled, BMW run web site, think again. This site is run by BMW owners who know and understand everything there is to know about BMWs.  This will be the best place online to begin, if you are at all interested in purchasing a BMW. There is an easy, national link to find local BMW dealers in your area, from New York to Los Angeles. We connect it at that national and local level, for BMW fans across the country to provide a macro and micro BMW experience online.  This section is located under BMW Dealers.

Also the  BMR Review Web site will contain the latest up to date company  related news,  detailed  and depictions  about exciting  new makes and models of BMWs, guides to past BMWs and past BMW Reviews and stories.  A section will also be devoted to current events as well, with a focus on BMWs in the news. 

In order to post, users will need to sign up with BMW Review, but there is no charge, registration is free, fast and super easy. The only requirement is a secure username, password, which each user must provide, and valid e-mail address. 

Among the other features on the Web site is the social networking connection. BMW Review the can also be found online on both Facebook and Twitter. Members of can also chose the option of logging in using their Facebook account as well.  This alone makes ready to fully incorporate into the age of social networking sites. 

This is by far one of the easiest, most accessible Web pages out there today and is almost guaranteed to have millions of hits per month, since the phrase ‘BMW’ and many other related tag words are searched millions of times online world wide per month, again proving the popularity among consumers in countries across the world. BMW has been in existence for just under 100 years and sees no sign of slowing down in the 21st Century, which is why is also sure to be the premiere online destination for everything there is to know about BMW brand cars, SUVs and other vehicles.  

So, we hope that you utilize, and partake in the reading and writing of all things BMW. Whether you’re a car buff with a thing for BMWs, or are in need of advice or suggestions on becoming a BMX owner, this Web site is the perfect place for you to begin. With tons of real reviews of BMWs, by real people who really own BMWs, is easy, straight forward and filled with tons of testimonials, articles and pictures of all the best and latest makes and models of BMW automobiles.