Find a Dealership

BMW Locator

BMWReview has created a locater catered to those looking to find the right BMW dealership. By integrating Google's API Mapping scheme it is designed to direct you to your local BMW dealerships through the user friendly GoogleMaps application. By automatically geo-targeting you're location, the map will appear the moment you click to the BMWlocater page. Coupled with BMWReview this application will allow you to choose a local BMW dealership based on not only location, but also provides you with reviews and ratings posted by other BMW enthusiasts so that you can find the dealership that best suits your needs.

Geo Targeted Map

BMWReviews' Dealership Locator is a simple application that uses your current location to generate a GoogleMap showing all BMW Dealers in your area. This map works automatically. As soon as you go to our BMW Locator section the map will be generated that matches your location.

BMW National Map

Alongside the geo target map, we also offer a National BMW map. In case you're out of town, but still want to scout out local dealers, this map is generated to a location of your choosing. If you're planning a road trip in your BMW, and want to find BMW Dealerships that will be along the way in the event you need to find a Service Center. Unlike Yelp or other listing sites, BMWReview is made by and for people who drive and/love BMW's.

Geo Directions

Along with an easy to read GoogleMap, BMW Locator has an easy to use application that generates driving directions to the dealership of your choice. Once you've chosen a dealer, all you need to do is enter the address you need directions from and click the "get directions" button. The BMW Locator will then show you turn by turn directions to the dealership of your choice.

BMW Dealer Reviews

We understand that most of you probably know where to find at least one BMW dealer in your area. That's why BMW Locator is an interactive application that allows our user to review each dealership based on their own personal experiences. Buying and owning a car can be complicated, and it's important when spending your hard earned money that you are getting the service and attention that you deserve. BMW Locater is not just designed to show you how to get to your nearest dealer. BMW Locator is designed to help you find the BEST dealership for you and your car.

BMW Dealer Ratings

We at BMWReview understands that people don't always write the most informative reviews. Sometimes you just want the basic straight forward information about a dealership without having to scan through dozens of reviews. That is why we've created a simple rating system for each dealership based on what we've found to be the most helpful criteria when choosing a dealer. The categories for our rating system are: Customer Service, Vehicle Selection, Auto Service Department, Location/Convenience and Financing/Sales. This simple rating system allows our users to quickly and easily learn about a particular dealership as well as share their opinion with just a few clicks of the mouse.