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BMW Review is an interactive community for sharing information related to BMW. The BMW Reviews section of our site is an application for our community members to write their own reviews of BMW Dealerships, BMW Models, BMW Mechanics or even aftermarket parts for BMW's. Though this section of our site community members are welcome to post their own reviews as well as comment on the reviews posted by others. This gives you the opportunity to share your experiences, good or bad, with anyone who visits our site. As a member of our BMWReview community you will have the chance to win prizes or receive gifts for posting your reviews and comments.

BMW Community Comments

We at BMWReview understand that not all of our members feel the need to share their experiences with the world. That's why we let our members freely comment on any review posted on our site. The Review-Comment format allows for different opinions to be shared because every person may not have the same experience with a certain dealership, car, mechanic or aftermarket accessory. Because we all know that there will be reviews that are posted that may be completely out of line or even ridiculous, we will even have special prizes for "Best Comment" for putting an out of line reviewer in his or her place.

BMW Dealer Reviews

In most major metropolitan areas there can be many different BMW Dealerships to choose from. It is important when investing in a car like a BMW that you get the most out of your purchase. No two dealers are alike, and so it's often hard to choose the best dealer for you. The process of buying a new car can often be tedious; The paperwork alone can take hours. Let alone choosing a model, options, buy or lease and then there's always the question of whether or not you're getting the best deal. As a community member you can share experiences with thousands of other BMW fans so that you take the guess work out of choosing a dealer. When it comes to investing in something as important as a car, you can never be too informed walking onto that lot. Car salesman are…well…car salesman, and they don't always have your best interests at heart. As a member of our community you will have the best chance of finding the right dealership and making a solid, informed decision about where to purchase or even get your BMW serviced.

BMW Car Reviews

BMW's are among the finest automobiles produced on the planet. That doesn't mean that just ANY BMW is the right car for any person. And with over 60 individual trim model distinctions and countless available accessories and upgrades, choosing the right car can be a daunting task. Plus, BMW has many brands that compete with them in the luxury/performance category. Sharing information is crucial to making an informed decision, and that is why BMWReview has developed a community perfect for sharing information related to BMW's. With our BMW Review section, we have created the perfect tool for real BMW fans to share their experiences, and learn from the experiences of others.

BMW Car Ratings

We understand that our community members have lives beyond reading and writing about BMW's, and not everyone is interested in all the dirty little details of every model of BMW. That is why we have created a car rating system. Every current model of BMW is listed on BMWReview with a rating system that allows you to voice your opinion with a few clicks of the mouse. Not only is it easy to post your own rating, it gives you, as a BMWReview Community member, the chance to get the information you're looking for without reading through dozens of reviews.

BMW Comparison

BMW Comparison is another way of getting and sharing information on BMW's. It's important to gather information about a car before when you're looking to make a purchase. It's also very important to know how that particular car stacks up against other models. BMWReview offers the BMW Comparison section for members to compare BMW models side by side with other vehicles based on other listings.